Between the Pints – Episode 4

Join myself and The Beer Counselor, Ryan Moses, as we have our first two-part episode. In part 1, we interview Barry Barz, founder and owner of BlackxCrafty merchandise company, and do our best to cover an extremely busy week in beer news. In Part 2, we pair beers with Black Panther as we let our nerd flags fly. Good times and good conversations abound as always, so bottoms up, and enjoy the show!

Between the Pints – A Podcast

Do you like podcasts? I bet you're listening to one right now, aren't you? If so, take some time to add Between the Pints to your weekly rotation. Hosted by myself and Ryan Moses, also known as The Beer Counselor, we talk about the business side of beer, and the beer side of life. So subscribe, stay tuned, and cheers!

GUTCRAB Vol 2 – Cars Aren’t Beer

Subtitle: Car Salesmen Sell Cars, Beer Salesmen Sell Relationships Our society is not exactly easy on salespeople. A slimy, untrustworthy person is described as being "like a used car salesman." The term "snake oil salesman" likewise has connotations of dishonesty and manipulation. Aside from lawyers and politicians (who honestly are just salespeople in the legal… Continue reading GUTCRAB Vol 2 – Cars Aren’t Beer